First referee election round

Now we have completed our first round of referee elections. To all elected referees we have sent out a mail asking for a confirmation of your participation as well as partner. Please reply as quick as possible as we need to go on with our second selection in less than a month. Before every tournament the referee team of Partille Cup is presented an inspiring challenge; to select the perfect mix of competent referee couples from all over the world with a blend of ambition and experience. To be a referee of our tournament is not only a matter of refereeing, it has a deeper meaning. A possibility of growing a referee network with your tournament colleagues for example.

For you who still haven’t been selected, no need to worry. The lion share of our referees will be elected in our second election. We will perform a second election about a month after the first, where all the remaining referees have the chance to be selected. That means in mid-April and until than we ask you to be patient and prepared. We estimate that we will need to have about 250-260 referees for this years tournament and we have still a lot of referee application to go through.

Thank you for your understanding and hope to see as many as possible of you guys this coming summer.