First winners of the para handball tournaments!

The finals in the para handball tournaments were played around lunchtime on Thursday. Nolimits IK and IK Sävehof won the two classes and celebrated in the Prioritet Serneke Arena!

For the first time para handball has made entry in Partille Cup. The two tournaments, walking handball and wheelchair handball started off during Wednesday and on Thursday the crucial matches were played.
”The atmosphere was fantastic. The players, leaders and the spectators enjoyed it”, says project leader Peter Svensson.

The historic first winners of the tournament were Nolimits IK and IK Sävehof. The plans for future editions of para handball at Partille Cup have already begun and the aim is to involve more teams and nations.
”We are planning to have a presentation this Autumn so that we can organise it the best way possible”, says Svensson.
“We want to grow and involve more teams in the future. For example, wheelchair handball is big in Portugal and the Netherlands to name two countries, so we’ll have a look at that for instance”, says project leader Peter Svensson about the future plans of para handball at Partille Cup.