Handball AID creates opportunities

At Heden center there are several activities to get involved in. Handball AID occupies one of the tents and it serves an important purpose in giving more people the opportunity to play the sport we all love – handball.
“Our purpose is to collect clothes and handballs for countries that need them. We sit here and simply have a nice time”, said Karin Tebelius who is one of the persons taking care of it.

Karin sat with Filippa Thunell and made bracelets along with players from different teams.
“You have the possibility to do bracelets and there you can show what it stands for, you can for example write “handball” or “handball aid”, they both said.

Regarding visitor numbers, the Handball AID tent has had a nice start of the week.
“Right now it’s pretty empty, but it’s been a lot of people here. They show up all the time so it’s very fun”, Filippa said.
“We haven’t received so many handballs yet, but there are a lot of clothes that have come in”, they said and also told that the Swedish Handball Federation had been there and donated equipment.

So join the Swedish national teams in donating handballs and other equipment at Heden center.

Erik Malmqvist