Handball in India is growing

Partille Cup creates meetings between different nations with handball as common denominator. The sport is growing globally and one of the countries hoping for growth is India.

Handball has not yet had its big breakthrough in India, but it is a sport where initiatives are taken to make it grow. In Partille Cup, 16 teams from the country participate this summer and one of them is India HHC from Hyderabad who has one team in the G21 class.
“The team has been part of Partille Cup for the past five or six years”, says coach Siva Kimar and continues:
This is a new team for us so they’ve had a great experience here in Sweden, especially in Partille Cup because there are a lot of teams to learn from. Partille Cup is a friendly environment and there is good communication with the other teams. There’s a lot of sportsmanship and it’s very important to learn because in one week you will see the whole world in one place and it is the biggest thing. That’s why I want to come here every year and I have been here the last nine years”.

One of the players on the team is Padma Priya Jvsnsk, the maths, stats and computer science bachelor student is here for the first time and she is also relatively new to the game of handball.
“I started playing about a year ago and have learned everything from my coach, she says and continues the story of how she started with the sport”.
“I’m actually a basketball player but then I met Siva in college and he encouraged me to play handball because I dribble and shoot in basketball too, so he got me into this game”.

In terms of results, the team has lost their matches so far, but Padma appreciates the new knowledge gained and how the people are passionate about the sport here.
“In India I don’t think people know about the sport that much but here it’s a pretty big deal. I mean they take it very seriously and many invest a lot of their time in it so it’s a great thing to see that they encourage the sport so much over here”.

One who hopes that the sport will grow is Siva.
“The problem is that we don’t have such a tournament in India. If we had, then we could improve a lot. Because in European countries they play handball after football. Our country has different games”.
However, he says the future looks bright.
“It’s going good. This year we’ll start a handball league in India too, so some foreign players will come and play. Our state is organising a tournament in India and recently we had one which was a huge success, so we want to have something like Partille Cup in India in the future”.

The love for handball is definitely there and we can probably look forward to seeing Siva and his team in Gothenburg also in 2020.
“It is like a second home for me, I would like to come every year with my team”.

Erik Malmqvist