High quality in the All Star game

The traditional All Star game offered great entertainment at Heden Arena on Thursday evening. Many stars were on the pitch and put on a great show.

With so many new and old stars gathered on the same field, there were big hopes for some extraordinary handball entertainment at Heden Arena when it was time for the All Star game. And the audience got what they craved. Patrik Fahlgren put on some mesmerising plays and Erik Fritzon was awarded with loud cheers when he threw himself forward and went Mike Tyson on the ball, hitting it hard right in the top corner of the net.

For the current Swedish national team goalkeeper Mikael Appelgren, it was a fun game to play.
“It was nice! A bit windy and cold but it was some very good handball here on the pitch tonight”, he said afterwards.
In addition, he stopped a penalty from Magnus Wislander.
“Yeah, but unfortunately not the rebound. He has one in five against me now, the handball player of the century, so it is still ok I think”, he said with a smile.

With many years as a player in the Partille Cup, memories were also brought to life for Appelgren.
“For me it is very nostalgic to be here because I come from Uddevalla and Kroppskultur. I have played here very many times, even won in 2005 against Kim Ekdahl du Rietz’s Lugi side in the final. So it’s a little nostalgia and of course very fun to see all the children and young people who practice this great sport”.

Another star of the Swedish national team who made an impact was Jamina Roberts. We all know how fast she is, so that Roberts took the lead when the counter-attacks showed up, was no surprise.
“It a bit windy and uncomfortable, but it was fun to play!”
“I ran a little which was nice and I did what I could to contribute”, she said with a laugh.

As a big Sävehof icon, Roberts also has a lot of memories from Partille Cup.
“It was very fun when you played this tournament and I would say it has become very much more professional nowadays. In my time we were drawing the lines and fixing what needed to be fixed, so it has changed”.

So, how did the game end? A lot of goals were scored by both sides and the final result was 19–16 with the team in blue standing as winners. In the winning team we found, among others, Johanna Ahlm, Magnus Wislander and Michael Apelgren.

Erik Malmqvist