HK Aranäs F07 won the Period-Challenge

Libress, partner to Partille Cup, has now presented the winner in the Period-challenge held this summer. The Period-challenge is about that everyone should be able to play on equal terms, regardless of gender or background.

Congrats Joanna Jaldin, head coach HK Aranäs girls aged 11.

How do you talk about the period to break the taboo?
-We are dealing with 11-year-old girls, maturing in different pace. We therefore value a relaxed and natural talk. At our club camp, during a weekend in August, we set up a “period-school”. A female coach (me) sat down with the girls and talked about the period, the fact that it will come, why it is coming, why it doesn’t come sometimes and what that could be a sign of. Also, how the period might affect your training and that it is something completely natural. We had brought pads, tampons and menstrual cups for demonstration and education. The girls had tons of interesting and important questions. We keep a toilet bag within our kit bag containing pads, tampons and other necessities such as ice packs, tape and hair ties.

Why is the Period-challenge so important?
-The Period-challenge is important because the period is something very natural, yet very taboo to talk freely about. Our mission is to prevent the girls from being a shame of their period, that they feel comfortable discussing it, that they know how it affects them and that we by doing this contributes to a more equal society.

What does the Period-challenge mean to you as a team?
-For us as a team the challenge means the world. In the team we try to keep an openness in most discussions or matters, both between players as well as coaches. The price money will lead us closer to our common goal, a training camp in Croatia the summer of 2021.

What have the reactions from parents and other teams been?
-They have been overwhelmingly positive. The fact that we have talked about periods is making it easier for them keep talking about it. Several people have expressed their gratitude that we raised the issue.

What’s your best tip for others who want to get started and talk about periods?
-The age of the girls makes it very natural to talk to them about their period. Sooner or later, almost all women will get their period and then it’s important to be prepared. You just have to talk about it.



Background Period-challenge:

The Period-challenge is about that everyone should be able to play on equal terms, regardless of gender or background. It is time to break the period taboo and start talking about how and when the menstruation cycle affects the body during practice. In our clubs, but also at school gymnastics and in society as a whole. Therefore, there is a Period-challenge.


Why it’s important to talk about period and practice:

There are notions that having your period affects your performance and many girls are worried that others will find out that they are having it. In the same way we talk about diet, health or training during illness and medication, we need to talk about training during the period. For some, exercise and period is no problem, but according to a survey that was made, nearly half of those who exercise regularly think it is.