hummel signed for 3 years

We are very proud to present a brand-new agreement with our partner hummel. Partille Cup is more than satisfied to have been able to sign a new contract for the next three years. hummel’s strong standing in handball, in combination with the world of youth handball will continue to be a great partnership. The last three years of partnership have given us both great experiences and insights, knowledge that we now will use to improve our offer.

This summer will hummel produce an exclusive line of merchandise for the tournament. As our top selling brand with years of experience, hummel knows exactly what our participants are looking for and is our guarantee for happy customers.

Something we share and value in our partnership is our common CSR-projects. Projects that have supported teams from less developed countries in a sustainable way over time.

hummel is one of the oldest, most dedicated team sport brands in the business and our iconic chevrons have always worked as a symbol of how we like to do things a little differently – always with a twist and (a whole lot of) character. Values that apply to the company’s numerous sponsorships around the world.

Partille Cup is the world’s largest and most international youth handball tournament. Since 1970, we have believed in the power of handball and through sport we create a community of people from different cultures and ways of life.