Hungary and France meet in the EOC final

Friday is the last day of the European Open. Hungary and France have qualified for Friday’s final, while Romania and Switzerland will be competing for the bronze medals.

One of Thursday’s biggest matches in the European Open was the one played at Lisebergshallen starting at 14:30. It was Hungary and Romania who played a direct match that would decide which team that would reach the final.

Relatively early it was clear that Hungary was the stronger side, with a combination of good offensive play and a goalkeeper playing at a high level.
“It was a really well-played match. Hungary against Romania is always an extra special meeting and our defense was very good today. We played fast and I am very proud of our team”, said Hungary’s playmaker Viktória Woth after the match.

The final score was 30-20 in advantage to the Hungarians and now they will enter Scandinavium as one of the finalists. In the stands, Woth hopes the team will receive the same support as they have received so far in the tournament.
“The atmosphere has been very good here in Gothenburg. We have had many Hungarians who have supported us in the stands”.

Romania’s right back Alicia Gogirla scored seven goals in the match and is now looking forward to the bronze medal match.
“The match was very tough and Hungary is a really good team. They have very small and fast players, while we are a bigger team and this time they benefited from it”.
“Every match is tough and we must be careful and get together as a team in the next match”.

The other nation that has reached the final of the European Open is France. Thanks to the team earning a major victory (31-13) against Poland, as well as Switzerland defeated the Netherlands, they claimed the first spot in Main Round group 1. The final is played in Scandinavium on Friday at 20:30.