Hungary are champions of the EOC

Hungary are the champions of the European Open 2018! Together with France, they played a dramatic final that was decided in overtime.

Hungary got off to a magnificent start. France couldn’t keep up during the first part of the match and their time out after eight minutes was simple to understand because Hungary led with 7-1. After that, France got a little better and they then kept up with the Hungarians until half-time. After the first 30 minutes the score was 16-10 in Hungary’s favor.

If the first half was slow-start from France, then the second half was the opposite. It only took 20 seconds for them to find the back of the net and shortly after that, it happened again. The Hungarian players began to stress a little and France were suddenly just one goal behind. At full-time we had a draw after Sarah Bouktit’s goal in France’s last offensive play during regular time.

In the over-time France continued in the same manner and after the first half of the over-time they led by 30-28. However, during the second half of the over-time Hungary turned the game around once more and finally won by 31-30 and could lift the golden trophy. Johanna Farkas was one of the big heroes, scoring 14 goals in the final.
“In the beginning we were very good but after a while we lost concentration and they could score a lot of goals. In the end we won, which was very fun”, Farkas and teammates Viktoria Woth and Nikolett Horvath said.
“This was the biggest match in our careers so far and something we won’t forget”.

Despite the loss, one could see some smiles from the French players during the medal ceremony. Afterwards, the teams danced together and Eve Barlet in the French team chose to look forward to coming tournaments.
“It was a very important match. Despite the loss, I still think we did well. Next time maybe we will win”, she hoped.

Romania won the bronze medal game after defeating Switzerland by 26-18. Romania were strong in the opening phase of the game and didn’t let in a goal during the first ten minutes. However, they didn’t get more than an advantage of four goals, so when Switzerland managed to score, they quickly came a bit closer. However, Romania would prove to be too big for Switzerland this time and at the end of the match Romania once again showed their strength. The final result was 26-18.
“Although it was just the bronze we are satisfied. Now we will work hard to beat Hungary and France in the future and show them who we really are and that we want the gold”, said the team’s best scorer Alicia Gogirla after the match.
“It’s great to have played in this kind of arena. There were so many emotions”, she explained.