#iplayfair with Iplay Sport

Iplay is an unique social platform for sports that connects athletes, clubs, coaches, agents and sports fans worldwide. #iplayfair is a fair play-campaign launched by Partille Cup and Iplay Sport. IPlay is a tool which gives the athlete the opportunity to manage his/her career as well as gain full control of their communication, scheduling, financial interests and interactions with all the different parties that athletes have.

Having them as our partner for all our referees allowed us to launch a campaign that we will build up during our partnership. The campaign was named #iplayfair and was activated just in time with the tournament start. Winners were selected on a daily basis, players or referees who contributed to the FairPlay and fair spirit that both Iplay Sport as well as Partille Cup stands for.

– The digital world opens up many doors and communication between people – both young and old. By partnering with Iplay we strengthen what Partille Cup stands for; a meeting place for people from different cultures and ways of living with a natural connection to sports and handball, says Fredrik Andersson, General Secretary of the tournament.

– Since we released Iplay Sports in conjunction with the World Handball Championships in January, we have got users from 60 nations. Several internationals, from 8 countries, is now Super Users who use the app while they help to promote Iplay, Karl Jelldéus says, who together with Per Malmqvist are the creators of the app. Former star player Robert Arrhenius is doing a fantastic job as the Player Council president and he keeps in touch with our Super Users daily to ensure that the app is developed the right way.

Players and referees (soon) can create their profiles, post pictures and news and maintain contact with clubs, associations and fans in just the extent that players themselves want.
The app thus contains a number of features which posts can be shared on other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
The founders are very pleased with the elaboration and attention that the app has received despite the relatively early stage. The app will shortly be released on Android.

– Iplay Sports is a secure platform where users control the content. Comments can easily be allowed or shut off, therefor the app is also suitable for referees or younger players,  Karl continues.

The crew from Iplay Sports were at sight for IRL chats at Heden Center during the tournament. There they answered questions, showcased the app, hosted a few Super Users and obviously – helped you guys downloading the app.

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