Let’s roll – Partille Cup begins now

We’re ready, it’s time to start the 49th edition of the Partille Cup. Since the beginning of 1970, over half a million participants from 96 countries have visited Göteborg and have been a part of the tournament. 

In 2018, over 22,000 participants in 1100 teams from 42 countries show up.

Among the news of the year is parahandball, our own culture festival and then we invite everyone to the greatest all-star match of the times! ’Super Game’ will take place on Thursday July 5th and there we’ll see profiles like Jim Gottfridsson, Emil Berggren, Bella Gulldén and Jamina Roberts. 

The culture festival will highlight the perspective that the Partille Cup is a place for meetings, fellowship and love across all borders. On the Culture stage, both can and will everything happen!

The Para handball, that takes place for the first time, is played in Serneke Arena on Wednesday and Thursday, 4-5 July, and on

The program has two classes – ‘Walking’ for those with intellectual impairment and ‘Wheelchair’.

The matches in the Partille Cup will be played on 70 fields at Heden, Kviberg, Priority Serneke Arena, Valhalla and Härlanda Park.

Parallel with the Partille Cup, the European Open Championship, EOC, takes place. It is a national team tournament where 20 of Europe’s best Junior Country teams battle for the title. The tournament, which is 13 years old, alternates between boys and girls – this year, girls born 2002 or later will play.

At Heden, which is Partille Cup’s heart, our sponsors have now moved into their tents and other spaces.

Handball Aid, which always focuses on helping teams and handball players from vulnerable countries, has moved in to their their tent, the staff at our information desk at Heden Center are prepared and willing to answer any question and in the media room it is full focus on servicing external media and maintaining the website as well as our accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

In Scandinavium everything is soon rigged for the spectacular Opening Festival Ceremony on Tuesday evening and the leader’s party on Thursday. This year we have the chance to beat Whitney Houston’s public record for the arena from May 1988.

Will we become more than 14606 spectators, well, then the record is ours.

The vast majority of the participating teams arrive in Gothenburg on Monday,  install themselves in schools and hotels.

For Partille Cup’s Secretary General Fredrik Andersson, the greatest week of all year begins – one year’s hard work together with the more than 40 project managers and all other staff is over.

So i f you see a guy in a white Partille Cup polo that just stands at on any of the fields at Heden, chances are that it’s just Fredrik.

– This is the best time of the year, he says.

– Now, let’s roll! Let the handball party begin!