Live report

In Partille Cup we use an easy-to-handle yet advanced livestreaming-service. It’s fully connected to our game schedule and our apps. It’s available on desktops, tablets as well as on your phone.

This summer we broadcasted from 8 different courts, doubling the capacity from previous year. Our ambition is to develop our livestreaming-capacity every year and our focus area is Heden. This might be the best way for anyone who cannot be here to experience Partille Cup – World of Handball!  


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Our solution

This year about 500 games were live streamed from 8 cameras covering some of Heden’s playing fields. You will find the matches both in the game program on our website and in our apps for both Android and iPhone. Watch the matches on either your computer, smartphone or tablet. The matches are broadcast live and will be available afterwards so you can watch the games wherever you are and whenever you want.

The graphics on the screen will show the teams playing, what country they represent and their jersey color. The score is constantly updated.


The choice is yours

VIP All-access gives you free access to all our livestreams during the tournament. If you have your mind set on one particular match, the single-game access is your option. If you want to see reruns of the matches from the whole tournament, you have the choice of signing up for the Rerun All-access package. You will then have access to the matches for the rest of the calendar year and until mid-spring the following year. For you coaches out there it might be a solid package as you can stream it again and also download it for editing purposes.