Guide to how to get livescore on your matches


Help us to live reporting the games!

In our strive to make the tournament even more accessible, we have put a lot of resources in developing our app. This year it is possible to report the score live from the side line. Parents and supporters can thereby follow their teams from back home and get a feeling of being at site. The nerve and the scorers will appear instantly on your device even if you are still at work or in your favourite armchair. To success with our ambition, we’ll need your help. This short information will tell you how.


Mobile phone at the fields

There will be a desk at every court. Here the referee of the game will meet up with the person elected for the task of live reporting the game. The referee will hand over the mobile phone used to report goals and scorers during the game. The desk will also be equipped with manual scoreboard for “flipping the score” in a more analogue way (good for the people onsite, such as coaches, players and fans).


Home team is responsible

To avoid misunderstandings, we have decided to let the home team (the team standing first in the schedule of the game) be responsible of the live reporting. If you want it to run smoothly, a recommendation is to appoint a co-traveller, assistant coach or alike who can learn the steps and take responsibility of the first game.



It is simple to live report. Click the link below to get to the manual of how the live reporting works. You can also find the manual online at our website.


Make your team public

If you prefer to show the names of your players in public, the coach need to confirm this actively. This is done in “My Team Info” under “Team” by clicking “Add/Edit player”. If you do nothing, the players’ names will remain unpublished. If you miss your login to My Team Info, please make contact with the person registering your team or the staff at Partille Cup office and we’ll help you.


Follow your team in the app

Search and find your team in the app. Make it one of your favourites. When you click on your team, you’ll receive all the information about your team. If the game is live you can follow it by clicking the ball icon. If the game is live streamed, you can click the play icon to get to the game and watch it live.


If things go wrong

Don’t panic, if your result gets wrong it is easily fixed. Read the manual of how you change/back a step or two. The final score will be reported manually by the referees as before. Worst case scenario is that the game is not reported correctly in the app but fixed afterwards.

The live reporting is an extra value that we like to offer you. The referees will still be reporting the final score via their game cards. Those are the official results. Live reporting can go wrong and therefore we ask you followers to control the current and the final scores via our result service in the game schedule. The results will be updated continuously after the games. The site with all the results can be found on our website or in the app.