Mini handball – a premiere success!

Mini handball has been played for the first time in the history of Partille Cup. The mini handball started this year’s tournament and it went really well. All players seemed to have a blast.
– It was a lot of fun to play many games, says the Sävehof player Moa Kilefors.

For the first time, even the youngest kids got to participate in the Partille Cup. More than 60 teams consisting of happy eight and nine year olds took part when the mini handball entered the Partille Cup. Lots of games were played at Heden, which was full of happy children and leaders. Both the pitch and the goals are smaller than usual in mini handball and the balls are made of soft foam rubber with plastic coverings, in order for them to be soft to grip. Common balls can not be used and no goals or results are counted. The children are therefore playing on their own terms. Fairplay is advocated just like in ordinary handball.

When the teams finished their matches, which were played in the time format 1 x 12 minutes, they got medals and the opportunity to be photographed on stage at Heden Center. One of the players who played in the mini handball class was Sävehof’s Moa Kilefors.
– It was fun to play mini handball and to be part of the Partille Cup. I haven’t played here before. We have just finished our last match. It has gone well for us, she says with a smile.

Eric Nilsson