MTR Express Partille Cup Train

Now we finally release this year’s Partille Cup train. Monday July 1st at 11:20 AM the train will departure from Stockholm. Besides a nice party atmosphere with a lot of fun people, this train will offer several interesting and fun happenings.

Prices for the Partille Cup train is 199 SEK per person and for the return journey MTR Express is offering a 15% discount on departures at 13:05, 14:55 and 17:00 from Gothenburg July 6th. Of course, this applies to all your travel companions, including players, leaders and traveling partners, among others.

To book tickets to the Partille Cup train and to use the discount offer on your return journey, send your group inquiry via email to [email protected] and enter the discount code PARTILLEMTRX19. The minimum number is 10 people. See current departures for your return journey on

We wish you all an amazing journey with the Partille Cup train!