Netherlands beat Sweden before the World Cup semifinal

Sweden face Netherlands in the semifinal of the Football World Cup at 9 pm tonight. The swedish team Stenungsunds HK met the dutch team Handbalschool Brabant in Partille Cup this afternoon. The latter scored the winning goal in the end. In other words: round one to the Netherlands.

The swedes and the dutch measured their forces at Heden 1 after lunch and the G18 match was very tight and exciting. Handbalschool Brabant impressed in the first half and had the lead for a long time, but Stenungsunds HK came back in the second half and was in the lead for a short while. The dutch, however, did not give up. They came back and Fleur Neelen scored the crucial goal that meant 12-11 during the final minutes of the game. When the final signal sounded, the players from Brabant in the southern Netherlands hugged each other and celebrated their first victory in Partille Cup 2019.

The heroine Fleur Neelen was very pleased afterwards.
– It was amazing to score the game winning goal! We defended ourselves very well. They had trouble getting past our defense. We also got a nice feeling by beating a swedish team before the World Cup game tonight, she says with a laugh.
The 16-year-old believes that the dutch national football team will win the World Cup semifinal against Sweden later today.
– We have a very good team and won the European Championship two years ago. I think we’re going to reach the final. My favourite player is Lieke Martens. She is great and she is a real team player, says Fleur Neelen.
She enjoys being at the Partille Cup.
– It’s the first time for me. It’s an incredible city and tournament. The opening ceremony was fantastic, she says.

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Linnea Dahlberg