New impressions for the team from Shanghai

The team representing Shanghai Baoshan Children’s Amateur Sports School have travelled more than 8000 km to play handball in Gothenburg this week. So far, there’s been many new impressions and they’ve played fun games.

This year there are 42 different nations participating in the Partille Cup. China are represented by the Shanghai Baoshan Children’s Amateur Sports School in the G15 class. During the matches they’ve shown a positive attitude with a lot of emotions.
“We enjoy being here in Sweden, it has been very good so far. Handball is big in China and there are many teams, says the team’s centre back and playmaker Jasmine Bian.

Their stay in Gothenburg has brought a lot of new impressions to the players and the nice weather is something that they’ve especially enjoyed.
“We like the environment here in Gothenburg. There are no air pollutants like in Shanghai, because in China it’s either too hot or too cold”, says right back Lanvenda Gao.
If something has been a little disturbing for them, it’s the food culture.
”We think the food here is too salty, haha”.

On the pitch, the team has been close to get a couple of victories, but after the team’s first three matches they are still looking for a win. On Wednesday afternoon they had the advantage against Norwegian side Tiller IL for a long time, but a couple of two-minute suspensions towards the end of the match helped Tiller to win by 10-8.
“We’re not very good at handball compared to other teams in China, but it’s very fun to be here and play!”, says Jasmine Bian.