Opening festival at Scandinavium arena

The main

Welcome to The Opening Festival Show!

The Opening Festival Ceremony will take place at the Scandinavium. A fantastic indoor arena with a capacity of almost 15.000 spectators when standing. 

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will once again take place in Scandinavium. With pyrotechnics, sound and lighting effects around us, in addition to music and entertainment, we will enjoy the sea of participants’ hands as they swing in tandem with the marching national teams in “The Parade of nations”.

World of Handball

Partille Cup is about experiences and encounters with foreign cultures, the Opening Festival is an important statement. The event is international in its nature and diversity is an important part of the event’s soul. Combined with global interests such as song and music, curiosity becomes greater and barriers less. The meeting between players often results in good relationships and not infrequently to lifelong friendships.


The Opening Ceremony will be able to hold a maximum of 15,000 spectators. Therefore, we will apply the “first come, first served” principle. Teams will be prioritized but we want you to book and pay your tickets via “My Team Info” by May 1st to be sure.

Remaining tickets will be sold to the public.

  • Date:
    Tuesday July 5
  • Tickets:
    See below
  • Show start:
    20:00 CET (be on time!)


Our Opening Festival is included for participants in categories A, B and C. No admission for the Opening Festival Show will be charged, however an administration fee for the tickets of €3 each. You specify in “My Team Info” how many tickets you want (book and pay by May 1).

For local teams and others, tickets can be ordered through the Partille Cup office. The tickets are then collected at the Central Information at Heden Center.

Children are counted up to 12 years.

  • Participants (cat A, B, C)


    There is an administration fee of €3 / ticket.
    Order and book via “My Team Info” by May 1st.

  • Local Teams

    Adult €12
    Children €7

    There is an additional fee of administration of €3/ ticket

  • Traveling companions and others

    Adult €12
    Children €7

    There is an additional fee of administration of €3/ ticket

Represent you nation

On July 6 it is finally time to open up Partille Cup for the 51st time. 

At the central stage, with an audience capacity of 15.000 people you, our outstanding participants, will have a lead role. We want to showcase all the amazing participating nations and are looking for teams that want to represent their nations during the parade of nations. A unique opportunity to market what your region has to offer the world.

Now you can apply to represent your nation at the Opening Festival. 

Be creative in your application and email us what you want to show. Send your application to [email protected] as soon as possible, but May 10 at the latest.

The selected teams will be notified by email on May 20.

Is this you?