Oppsal first to register

Now the registration for Partille Cup is opened and there are plenty of you that are eager to secure a place in the tournament. First to register was Norwegian team Oppsal IF from Oslo.The very same girls that happened to walk for Norway in our Parade of Nations during the Opening Festival Ceremony (Photographer: Fredrik Aremyr). We had a chat with leader Sissel H. Finstad who was in charge of the registration process.

– You’re the leader for girls 15 from Oppsal IF from Norway who was first club into next tournament when we opened the registration Wednesday at 10 a clock sharp. First question… How did you get that fast on the keyboard?

I’m sitting ready and prepared when the registration opens up to be sure to get a place in the tournament. 🙂

– When did you and the team decide to register for the tournament?

Immediately after Partille Cup 2017.

– How many Partille Cup have you played so far?

We have participated both 2016 and 2017, one team in each of these editions, but in 2018 we will participate with two teams.

– What makes you come back?

Amazingly well organized tournament, teams from all over the world, good competition. Very good experience for the kids and the parents both socially as well as handball wise.

– You do you have supporters/parents traveling along to Gothenburg? 

Yes always. Both parents as well as some grandparents and siblings.

– Tell us some about your teams and your feelings now in the start of the season.

Oppsal IF Handball from Oslo has about 30 girls born 2003 training and playing. We have three teams competing in different leagues in Norway this season and we just returned from another cup in Gothenburg where two of our teams participated. One team made it all the way and brought home the golden cup. Some injuries are disturbing our preparations, but we have a really broad squad with high quality and a lot of enthusiastic girls.

– How do you prepare the sides before Partille Cup?

Working hard through the entire season with variated training. We are participating in several tournaments in Norway as a complement to our games in the league and we will also take part in another tournament in Gothenburg this Christmas.

– Your best advice for other clubs when it comes to Partille Cup?

Register at once. We truly recommend this tournament as it is a fantastic experience for the participating kids to be part of such a great venue and meeting place. See you all this summer!

For you guys that want to be sure of participation this coming tournament or need something encouraging to long to, please feel free to register to Partille Cup. The tournament is played in central Gothenburg July 2-7. Visit our website www.partillecup.com to get additional information or mail us at [email protected] to get personal service. If you are ready to register, please do so via the button below.  See you on the fields in Gothenburg this summer!

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