Partille Cup and Hummel help Al Sadd

Partille Cup and its partner Hummel support the B14 team Al Sadd from Morocco. Today Al Sadd received Hummel clothing, which will be used by the club’s players.

At the Handball World Cup in Denmark and Germany in January, Hummel and the International Handball Federation replaced the traditional “Player of the match” prize. The player in question then got a direct opportunity to donate handball equipment from Hummel to less privileged children. Hummel and Partille Cup have now taken the chance to donate Hummel clothing to the boys in the moroccan team Al Sadd.
– We have a wonderful partnership with Hummel, who has fantastic values. Hummel has very good social projects and the new “Player of the match” idea is a schoolbook example of that. We want to be a very good meeting place for teams from countries that are in the beginning of their handball development, says Fredrik Lundgren from Partille Cup.

On Friday, Mohammed El Boukili from Al Sadd received clothing from Fredrik Lundgren and Daniel Persson from Hummel Sweden. The clothes will be worn by the club’s players.
– We are very pleased to receive these clothes. Everyone within Al Sadd is grateful for this support from Partille Cup and Hummel. Getting to Partille Cup has not been easy for us. This shows that there is interest in us and that we are not alone in the handball world. We get the push we need to be able to continue to develop and fulfill our ambitions, says Mohammed El Boukili.

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Linnea Dahlberg