Partille Cup is officially opened!

After a colorful, loud and straight through spectacular opening ceremony with fantastic artists and dancers is the 50th edition of the Partille Cup officially opened!

The opening ceremony took place at Liseberg for the first time in history. Everyone who wanted the opportunity to see the opening ceremony got the chance to see the show and there were incredibly many who took it. It was full speed from the moment the president of the International Handball Federation, Dr. Hassan Moustafa, and the president of the European Handball Federation, Michael Wiederer, pressed the detonator that started the whole show and one hour and 15 minutes forward. Moustafa also told the audience how proud he was to open the ceremony.

Thousands of players, coaches and supporters created an incredible atmosphere together with the team that work with the opening ceremony. It was a special mood in the amusement park when each participating country was presented and received cheers from the audience. The audience became extra loud when the nordic countries were presented. Then the decibel level was so high that the cheering could be heard over most of Gothenburg. It was also a greet feeling in the air when the Partille Cup oath was read in different languages.

The spectators were given high quality performances from, among others, the artists De Vet Du, Hanna Ferm, Rebecka Karlsson, Pidde P and Liam Erixon and all the talented dancers. The pyro show and the fire works in the end was also amazing and appreciated by many youngsters!

Now the handball party continues throughout the week!

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Fredrik Aremyr & Linnea Dahlberg