Picadeli extends

It’s time to tell you that Picadeli will continue to be a partner to the tournament. We at Partille Cup – World of Handball are looking forward to collaborate another year together.

We at Partille Cup – World of Handball are proud to be able to offer our visitors and participants a healthy option of fast food again this year. Together, we strongly believe that the right diet is crucial to our participants’ performance during the intensive week. Picadeli will as previous years have their stand at Heden center and offer a huge range of fresh salad for all tastes and allergies.

“Partille Cup is the world’s largest and most international youth handball tournament. Since 1970, we have believed in the power of handball and through sport we create a community of people from different cultures and ways of life.”

“Close your eyes and picture a world where fast food is the opposite of junk food—now you’re noticing things through our point of view—with the Picadeli-vision. In our reality people are given the rights of eating smarter and healthier, while doing so in a convenient way. It all might sound like the words of a crazy person, so be it. We’re the walking representation of all make-believers out there, people with the guts and imaginative power of creating something worth believing in.”