Planning a hotel stay?

Haven’t booked your stay for Partille Cup yet? Then we are happy to announce that we can offer you several pleasant and price-worthy hotel options just for you. Booking your hotel via us will give you best price as well as highest service level. You’ll receive personal service during the whole booking process but also recommendations if you have difficulties picking your hotel. We are offering the whole range of rooms from four bedded rooms to exclusive double rooms in the best hotels the city has to offer. You choose standard and we’ll assist you through the process.

Our packages are selected to guarantee the true Partille Cup atmosphere to a decent price. Book at least five nights and our Partille Cup Pass will be included, adding extra value to your week including free entrances to our venues and events as well as free entrance to Liseberg. In addition you will also be granted tickets to the Opening Festival Ceremony and many more discounts and offers that give you a perfect week.

Without stressing you up, please make sure to get what you want in time before all the popular hotels are filled up. Book today and thanks to the free cancellation service until May 1, you can always make a preliminary booking!

See all our hotel options in the section Our hotel packages here on our website. Please click the link and have a look!