Tournament information

  • Terms & Conditions

    When register to the tournament you confirm that you have read and accept our terms and conditions.

  • Competition form

    The following teams can participate in Partille Cup:

    1. Club teams
    2. School teams outside the Nordic Countries
    3. National Teams and Regional Teams outside the Nordic Countries, however not teams in Europe from IHF’s A and B nations.

    The tournament begins with a qualification round. Teams are divided into groups of 6-8 teams, where all teams play against each other. The three best teams in a group of 6-7 teams and the four best teams in larger groups advance to the A-final round, the remaining teams in the group are playing the B-final round. The group play is played Tuesday to Thursday. The Final Round takes place on Friday and Saturday and are played according to a cup model, win or lose.

    IHF’s rules apply in all relevant areas and SHF’s competition rules. For questions regarding the interpretation of the IHF’s rules, the English text is valid. For detailed regulations, see Competition Rules. All players must be insured, both on and off the court.

  • Match time

    All categories play 2 x 15 minutes.
    However, in the A-Final Round B21, G21, B18 and G18 play 2 x 20 minutes.

  • Age classes

    The following age classes play in Partille Cup (B = boys, G = girls). Register in the age class that is valid for your team the summer 2019:

    B21- Boys born 1/1 1998 and later
    B18- Boys born 1/1 2001 and later
    B16- Boys born 1/1 2003 and later
    B15- Boys born 1/1 2004 and later
    B14- Boys born 1/1 2005 and later
    B13- Boys born 1/1 2006 and later
    B12- Boys born 1/1 2007 and later
    B11- Boys born 1/1 2008 and later
    B10- Boys born 1/1 2009 and later

    G21- Girls born 1/1 1998 and later
    G18- Girls born 1/1 2001 and later
    G16- Girls born 1/1 2003 and later
    G15- Girls born 1/1 2004 and later
    G14- Girls born 1/1 2005 and later
    G13- Girls born 1/1 2006 and later
    G12- Girls born 1/1 2007 and later
    G11- Girls born 1/1 2008 and later
    G10- Girls born 1/1 2009 and later

    Para handball
    PHW (walking)
    PHWC (wheel chair)


    A team may use a maximum of 17 players per game. You may use the same player from a club in various teams but NOT in the same age category. No exemptions for over-aged players are given. Girls are allowed to participate in the boys teams in class B10-B12. No other exemptions are provided.


    A maximum of 1 235 teams can participate in the tournament (Cat. A:860 teams, B:115 teams, C:30 teams, D:230 teams). If this limit is reached before April 1, the teams first registered are allowed to participate, which means that the teams which registered and paid the team fee are allowed to participate. The registration period is counted from the day we receive your team fee. Remember that certain categories are usually fully booked a long time before the official registration deadline.


    Category A – School
    Accommodation in a classroom, sport hall or similar. Rent or bring your own mattress and sleeping bag. Meals begin with dinner on arrival day July 1 and ends with lunch July 6. Number of leaders: minimum 1, maximum 4 leaders per team. All persons that stays in the school, pays the participation fee. The participation fee also includes:

    - 15 meals in school
    - Partille Cup Pass and includes following:
    - Free travel by buses and trams in Gothenburg, Partille and Mölndal
    - Free entrance to all the finals
    - Lots of other discounts and offers

     This category is limited to 860 teams.

    Category B – Hotel
    Accommodation at a hotel booked through Partille Cup and following is included: (if you book five nights or more):

    - Breakfast in your hotel
    - Partille Cup Pass and includes following:
    - Free travel by buses and trams in Gothenburg, Partille and Mölndal
    - Free entrance to all the finals
    - Lots of other discounts and offers

    You can upgrade your stay in hotels with a meal card (10 meals, lunch and dinner). All reservations are made through the Partille Cup office and we also help fellow travelers with special prices. All our hotels and information about them can be found here. This category is limited to 115 teams.

    Category C – Own accommodation
    Valid for teams outside the region of Gothenburg Handball Association with their own accommodation.

    Following is included in the participation fee:

    - Partille Cup Pass and includes following:
    - Free travel by buses and trams in Gothenburg, Partille and Mölndal
    - Free entrance to all the finals
    - Lots of other discounts and offers

    This category is limited to 30 teams. The category is usually booked in December. The date when we receive your team fee will determine if your team is participating or not. 



    Transfer to and from airport, ferry or train station in Gothenburg, to accommodation. Offered at a cost of €17 per person. Only for teams with accommodation through Partille Cup arriving and departing as a group. The bus only stops at one place.

    Extra night
    For teams with transportation problems, we can arrange accommodation at the school one day earlier or one day after the tournament. Max two nights. The cost is €17 per person and night. Food is not included. We do not guarantee that you get to stay at the same school throughout the period.

    Mattress and beddings
    Mattress, pillow, sheets and blanket can be rented during the week, €44 per person.

    We can arrange bus-transportation to and from e.g Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen. Contact us for pricing information.

    Leaders Party Ticket
    Each team with accommodation (school or hotel) booked through Partille Cup will receive two Leaders Party Tickets which gives the holder free entrance to the Leaders Party. Additional Leaders Party Ticket can be purchased at a cost of €35. 


    Each team leader must make sure that his/her players are totally insured both on and outside the playing field. Partille Cup has no general insurances that cover accidents, sickness, thefts or damages. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Sweden must have personal medical insurance. Please do not keep any money or valuables in your school room. 


    Be aware that some categories can be sold out before the final registration date. To ensure your participation – please register and pay the registration fee as soon as possible but not later April 1, 2019. The time of your registration is counted from the day we receive the payment. Participant fee must be paid no later than May 1, 2019. Otherwise, we can not guarantee your participation. For hotel see your booking confirmation.

    All payments in Euro must be made to the following account. (NOTE! all bank fees must be paid by the team).

    IBAN: SE26 5000 0000 0593 0827 8052
    Bank: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
    Address: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, 106 40 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
    Credit card: Click here!

    When we have received your registration fee we will confirm your registration.
    Possible repayment of participation fees for individual players will only be made if you cancel before June 1, 2019.
    After June 1 will parts of the payment only be repaid if a valid medical certificate is shown. When the tournament has started no refunds will be made for illness or injury. The registration fee is not refundable.


    In the event that the tournament can’t be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the tournament organizers (force majeure*) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence or the tournament organizers, the tournament organizers cannot be held liable by the delegations for any damages, costs or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, costs for additional orders, financial losses etc. Under these circumstances, the tournament organizers reserve the right to either retain the entire registration/accommodation fee and to use it for a future tournament, or to reimburse the delegations after deducting costs already incurred for the organization of the tournament and which could not be recovered from third parties.

    *Partille Cup is in no way responsible for injury or economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events.

    • April 1: Last day for registration and payment of registration fee. (Which will only be repaid if there is no place left in the tournament).
    • May 1: Last date for payment of the participation fee for those staying at a school, hotel or own accommodation. Both leaders and players pay this fee. You can only add few players after this date.
    • June 1: Deadline for options and payment of additional orders as transfers, mattress, extra nights, buses and special food. Last day for cancel players, after that a medical certificate is required.
    • June 14: All groups in the match program are published.
    • June 20: All matches in the match program are published.
    • July 1: Arrival day to Gothenburg and Partille Cup.
    • July 2: The matches begins, Opening Ceremony in the evening.
    • July 6: Final day. Last final is finished at 18:00 – departure.

Health, safety and security

We expect all participants to respect each other, audience as well as residents and thereby act according to sportsmanship and Fairplay both on and outside the fields. Our policy document "Health, safety and security" is created as a guideline contributing to a pleasant stay during the event.


Participants staying at schools or hotels should keep themselves informed of the local rules and regulations at their accommodation.Local fire regulations at each accommodation are to be followed

Please note!

By breaking our code of conduct or acting in violence with sportsmanship one risk disqualification and/or expulsion from the lodgings.Violations and measures will be treated by the Competition management.