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Being a referee in the tournament is more than just an honor. As a referee in the world’s largest youth handball tournament  you will create memories and build new relationships that often last for life.

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Being a referee during Partille Cup is something extra special. Not only do you get to participate and help coordinate in the world’s largest youth handball event, but also as a referee in Partille you get to discover a lifetime of incredible memories and friends. Should you be selected, your week begins with the arrival at you tournament home, the referee school and continues with a week full of experiences. If you keep your game in order it might end with a final for you.

To the world of referees, to the world of handball.

A warm welcome to Partille Cup and Gothenburg!


Latest referee news

Registration for 2021

21 december 2020

Partille Cup – World of Handball are planning for a tournament in 2021. We constantly follow current national and international restrictions …

The work is in full swing

29 september 2020

Partille Cup – World of Handball is pleased to announce to you referees that work is in full swing on planning for a tournament in 2021 …

hummel signed for 3 years

21 November 2019

We are very proud to present a brand-new agreement with our partner hummel. Partille Cup is more than satisfied to have been able to sign …

Referee election

We welcome all referees to Partille Cup. Our selection amounts to approximately 250 to 300 referees and the criteria of being elected keeps getting higher and higher.  What we are looking for? Qualitative referees who are vital to the experience for all our participants.


When does the referee application open up?

The application is expected to open in January

Where do I stay during the tournament?

Either at the referee school free of charge, or you a hotel room on your own.

How do I get to the playing fields?

By public transportations, you travel free with your Partille Cup pass which is included when selected. 

How about the meals?

As a referee in the tournament you are granted full board if you stay at the referee school, otherwise you will be served lunch and dinner at the playing field or at a central school.

What is included in the Partille Cup pass?

Free transportation with all public transports within Gothenburg, entrance to the Opening Festival Ceremony and the Leaders Party (limited for those above 18 years old). Free board and accommodation  at the referee school. Several discounts and offers on many of Gothenburgs tourist attractions. 

What will my contribution be for referring at Partille Cup?

Except loads of experiences, you will receive a payment for your games and for your stay, a Partille Cup pass and free accommodation and board (if you stay at the referee school). Furthermore you will have the exclusive Partille Cup Referee T-shirt.

If I don’t make it in the first election, what happens then?

We will perform a second election about a month after the first, where all the remaining referees have the chance to be selected.

How do you elect the referees?

After you have applied in mid January and or later, we will divide it into two elections. The first and the second election will be performed during the mid spring.

How many referees will ref in Partille Cup?

The definite number is not set yet, but we are estimating our need to about 250-300 refs give or take.

What about the payment?

The contribution for referring in the tournament will be transferred to your bank account after the tournament in Swedish kronas, that is why it is of utter importance that you register the right bank details from the beginning.

Where can I make my application?

Via the application button at the top right here on the referee page.

In which categories can you apply?

State, region or district. If you are uncertain about which category you refer, please contact your local handball association. We can make random controls so therefore it is crucial to be register the right category.

How will I know if I am selected?

All referees will be notified personally by email after each election.

When does the tournament start for the referees?

Partille Cup 2020 is held from June 29 to July 4. Information meeting for referees Monday June 29. When selected to the tournament, you will get info about the place and time for the meeting.

What do I need to bring when it comes to equipment?

All referee gear is brought by referees themselves. 

How are we accommodated?

All referees stay at a school free of charge. There are possibilities to stay at hotel if wanted, but referees themselves will pay for this. All referees will get a matress, sheet, blanket and pillow at the school.

Are there possibilities to stay extra nights?

It is not guaranteed, but if the interest is large enough we can arrange accommodation at the referee school for free during one day extra

Where are the games played?

All games are played on artificial grass in central Gothenburg.

Is transfer to and from airport included?

No, we recommend you to take the airport shuttle bus if you come by air, and the tram if you arrive by train or bus. 

What will I get paid?

The match payment is SEK 90 per 2×15 minutes game and SEK 120 per 2×20 minutes game. The travelling payment is SEK 70 per day.
Theres is no other compensation for the trips to-/or from Partille Cup.

How can I contact you?

If you should have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.

Words from the ref team


As a referee in Partille Cup you will most likely stay at the referee school where almost all the referees stay together. During the days you will find yourself refereeing a number of matches, but your evenings will come alive with such events as the magnificent ‘Opening Ceremony’, the now legendary ‘Leaders Party’ and of much more.

All referees are permitted to travel around Gothenburg  to the different playing fields and in your spare time with the public transportations, your participation will furthermore grant you full board  if you are staying at the referee school (otherwise you will have lunch and dinner during the day). Participating in the tournament as a referee will also result in several generous discounts on various tourist attractions. Last, but not least and for many referees, the best gift yet, comes the referee specific t-shirt. Just talk to a referee who has been at the cup, you will soon understand! Of course for every match you referee, you will receive a previously agreed payment.


Preparations have begun

The link to the applications can be found at top-right on the website and it will be activated January 20. All the applications are processed by our referee team. All nationalities are more than welcome to apply!


Ea Bergstrand, Competition Manager