Registration is open

Today September 10. at 12:00 lunchtime (CEST) we opened up the registration for our 50th anniversary tournament. After less than 10 minutes, close to 100 teams had registered for the tournament. That is a record for Partille Cup! 

The tournament will be played in the beginning of July. Considering that and the number of registered teams already planning of traveling to Gothenburg is truly amazing, Fredrik Andersson, General manager of Partille Cup says.

The first edition was played in Partille in 1970. Primarily school yards were used as playing fields around in Partille, resulting in quite many grazes on the hard asphalt. The tournament has developed quite a bit since 1970. Partille Cup was the first of its kind and the forerunner to all similar tournaments worldwide ever since. We will try harder than ever before to arrange the grand anniversary party we all dream of, Fredrik continues.

For the first time ever, Veteran classes will be a part of the tournament. We hope that many teams from before will experience a nostalgic trip. For those of you who played in the past or a couple of years ago, seize the opportunity of reliving old memories or more important, to meet again on the handball field. Maybe your team missed out and never had the chance of going to Partille Cup? Now it is your turn, during the 50th anniversary you can participate.

In addition we will host Mini handball for the younger players during one day in the beginning of the week. With that new class we can offer a tournament experience for everyone and for all ages. Until the tournament starts we will keep informing and updating with news about the anniversary edition. We are now very busy planning all the additional activities that will contribute creating an extra special tournament edition.

Who wants to miss out on our 50th anniversary party?