Registration opens on September 20

Soon the registration for the Partille Cup summer 2020 opens. We have worked hard to update our website with current prices and information. Last year was a record. Already after just one hour, over 100 teams had registered. A total of 1407 teams were registered, and 52 countries represented in the tournament. Ahead of 2020, we will work hard to make an even better tournament and make our participants happy.

Last year’s mini-handball was a success and there will be even more room for this category. Likewise, the para handball will continue to be a natural part of the Partille Cup.

Nearly 350 delegates from 150 nations participated in the congress for the International Handball Federation (IHF) held during the Partille Cup this summer. Hopefully many of the nations that have not participated in the Partille Cup yet now understand what a fantastic event you create, and new nations will participate in 2020.

Until the start of the tournament, we will be continuously update you with news regarding the handball party. We are working full time with a lot of exciting activities that will make the week something really extra and special.

Welcome to the Partille Cup – World of Handball