Ruddalen has officially opened

When it was time for the first game day, it was also time for the first matches to be played at Ruddalen. There was a lot of intensity in the new area which in total includes twelve fields.

New for 2019 is that Partille Cup expands to the western parts of Gothenburg when Ruddalen is presented as a new area. On the handball fields it was a lot of action while the stands were occupied by spectators. One of the games that could be witnessed during the opening morning was the one in G15 between the Belgian HC Eynatten-Raeren and Swedish side Kiruna HK. What was an even match ended with victory for the Belgian team with 8–6.
“It was a nice game which we won!” said the team’s Maureen Sironval and Melody Lenders.
“It was very difficult but it is an amazing feeling when you win together with the team”.
Now the girls are aiming to continue on the same path of victory.
“We hope to win every game and to have a nice and fun week with each other”.

The team is a multilingual group where both German and French are mixed.
“We have two girls from another team with us and they speak French, while we speak German. But it’s ok because we speak a little French too”.

For obvious reasons, this was their first match at Ruddalen, but this is not the first time they participate in Partille Cup. They have played one and three tournaments before, respectively.
“The last time we lost all the matches,” they said with a laugh.
“But now we have won the first and have the next in an hour”.

Erik Malmqvist