SolidSport aiming for a world record!

A developed cooperation with high goals.
When SolidSport and Partille Cup set new goals, it is with the aim of a new world record when it comes to live streamed matches.
-There is a great potential in live streaming,says Fredrik Lundgren, who is the sales and marketing manager for the world’s largest handball cup.
-We love challenges and Partille Cup givesus the opportunity to push the boundaries once more, says SolidSports CEO Tobias Thalbäck.

More than 1400 teams from all over the world come to participate.

No question, Partille Cup has since the start in 1970 grown into the world’s largest handball tournament.

Then, 49 years ago, 140 teams from eight nations participated and that particular edition is seen as a precursor to similar cups and tournaments around the world.

In 2019 the cup in Gothenburg celebrates its 50 year anniversary and has grown ten times larger than the premiere year, and one continues to be at the forefront in terms of organization and development.

The collaboration with SolidSport is another step in this development, and during Partille Cup, around 2,500 matches will be live streamed – which would mean a new world record.

SolidSport, together with Storvreta IBK and the floorball tournament Storvretacupen, has the current record from 2018/2019 at 2,077 matches.

Partille Cups Fredrik Lundgren talks about the ideas behind the collaboration, and explains that it is much more than a world record.

-With this extended collaboration we willhave a partner that we can develop with over time. We know that there is a great potential in our live streaming, but also known that we haven’t had enough time. Now is the time to turn up the speed and see how good we can be. As we increase the number ofcamera platforms considerably, we will now be able to offer many more matches during the tournament, which in turn will help to spread the message about Partille Cup to many more people and clubs compared to previous years, says Lundgren.

-We know that digital development willcontinue to develop rapidly, and of course we hope that an increasing number of live streams will also contribute to more visitors downloading our app to see the matches in the mobile.

Our goal is to double the capacity with a continued high quality of ourbroadcasts.

How do you view the collaboration with SolidSport in the future?

We firmly believe in this partnership and, with the digitization, we also believe that we will further develop and disseminate the awareness of the Partille Cup brand through our cooperation. SolidSport brings much experience, how we can develop and market our live streaming services, which inturn will lead to more use of our services, says Fredrik Lundgren.

SolidSports CEO Tobias Thalbäck is looking forward to a rewarding partnership with Partille Cup.

-Partille Cup has qualities that all fitvery well with SolidSport. There are few events that can include and engage the same way as a major sports cup, and the emotions that emerge during the Partille Cup are the foundation on which SolidSport’s service and vision are based.

-In addition, live broadcasts will hopefullywork as a new and significant source of revenue for the organizer. Then we really have succeeded in this partnership.