Sotra on their way

The calendar shows October 16th and already many Norwegian clubs have been registered to the tournament next summer. Which is great since we celebrate 50 years as a tournament next year. Over the years we have had lots of Norwegian girls and boys visiting, everyone with the ambition to have fun and play really good handball. One of these clubs is Sotra SK, from the island of Sotra west of Bergen in Fjell municipality. The club has a long tradition of visiting Partille Cup and always comes with several teams. This year the club’s 15-year-old girls signed up with three teams and we had a chat with one of the leaders, Bodil Lund.

Hey Bodil, how are you doing in Sotra? How has the start of the season been?

-We have started our series games. We play in J15 this season too, so we play many matches.

When we looked up your club online we saw your nice facility. Do you practice on your artificial turf before going to Gothenburg for the Partille Cup?

-Yes we will probably train on our artificial turf before heading to Gothenburg. To get used to the material.

As we noted earlier, you have registered a total of three teams in the Girls-15 class, how large is your squad?

-We have a group of 34 players, divided into 3 teams. But we train as one team 3 times a week.

What is it that makes you as a club returning to our tournament year after year?

-I have previously been participating with 2 boy teams. We had great experiences and I wish to join Partille Cup with a new team and girl team this time. We know it’s tough to play against other countries but we’ll try to prepare ourselves well before the cup. We are looking forward to it.

How large group do you think you will be going to the 50th anniversary, including parents and siblings?

-We will probably be 34 players and I think that most parents will join. If we can gather 50 parents I’m really happy. It’s nice to have parents with us who sets the mood on the sidelines with bells and chants.

How do you prepare for Partille Cup?

-We hope we’ll be able to train a little before departure. It is vacation time, and some of the girls may be on holiday with their families.

Do you have any tips on how to collect money for the team before Partille Cup?

-We sell cakes and Christmas bags. The girls collect bottles too. We have a diligence group of players.

We celebrate 50 years this summer, what do you expect from the event?

-I hope there will be a good opening show and a great atmosphere around the entire cup. I also hope that the sun shines during the week. Then we will see many great matches and happy girls and boys. As well as parents and coaches.

Do you have any greetings to the rest of the global Partille Cup family?

-On behalf of Sotra Sk, I want to brag about this cup. We always been served excellent food and the transports to the lanes is very good. The opening show is worth watching if you have not been there before. The cup itself is a great experience. Players can play against other countries and meet and get acquainted with other players who love handball. Worth traveling to.