Sportdoc new partner

We are happy and proud to present Sportdoc as a partner and supplier of healthcare materials. If you have a serious injury you can always visit our healthcare tent at Heden Center. There you can always find healthcare staff.

There are a lot of injuries where you can get help from your team mates or coaches. When that happens, it is important that you have the right material to be able to alleviate the injury as good as possible. Therefore, together with Sportdoc, we have an exclusive offer for all our participants. If you click on the link below you will come to Team Sportia’s internet shop where you can buy Sportdoc’s medical teambag. Then you pick it up at arrival at Heden Center or Kviberg.

Internet shop

Sportdoc about the cooperation:

-We look forward to being part of Partille Cup and to be a part of celebrating their 50th anniversary with a record number of participants.