Summer’s edition

Due to the spread of the corona virus, we want to inform you about the following summer’s edition of Partille Cup – World of Handball.

We at Partille Cup – World of Handball do everything we can to make you feel secure to participate in the tournament. The safety of our participants and fellow travelers is our top priority and we have followed the development closely since the outbreak.

As of today, there are no directions from the authorities – neither the WHO, ECDC nor the Swedish Public Health Agency – that Partille Cup needs to take any measures because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

At present, these decisions do not affect the Partille Cup, and the preparations of Partille Cup 2020 continues as planned.

The number of registered teams for this year’s tournament follows previous year’s notifications. As of today, 1153 teams are registered to participate in Partille Cup. Only a handful teams have chosen to cancel their registrations due to the coronavirus outbreak. Even so, new teams register to participate in the tournament every day.

Partille Cup’s terms of cancellation are still applied as normal, meaning that teams can cancel their registration with full refund of their participation fee, until June 1st.

Every year we check the contagion situation in the world for the tournament as this is included in our risk analysis. We have a direct contact with Swedish Public Health Agency to see if there is any information we need to get.

This information can be changed at any time.