Sunny, funny and amazing!

Partille Cup 2018 became a beautiful, sunny and in every way wonderful handball festival. –  It has been a great week, says Fredrik Andersson, Secretary General of the Partille Cup.

In total, 3 993 matches have been played on 70 grounds at Heden, Valhalla, Kviberg, Härlanda Park and Priority Serneke Arena. 

In addition, the European Open Championship international tournament, this year for girls born 2002 or later, has been played in Lisebergshallen, Valhalla’s indoor halls and in Scandinavium. In the final, played on Friday, Hungary won against France in a raving final.

22 000 articipants from 42 countries in more than 1 100 teams have not only played handball during the week but also got to know Göteborg, visited Liseberg, had fun at the event areas at the Heden Center and Kviberg,  been fascinated by Universeum, have been shopping in Nordstan.

In total, Partille Cup generates approximately SEK 120 million in tourist revenue and is one of the most important events during the year for the city of Gothenburg.

  It has been a great week and of course the beautiful weather has helped Partille Cup to get as successful as it got this year, says Fredrik Andersson, Secretary General of the Partille Cup.

– Especially at Heden, the residents of Gotheburg and everyone else have really stopped by and helped us to lift the event. We calculate that more than a quarter million people visited us during the week.

In 2019 Partille Cup will take place 1-6 July.

– I say every year that the tournament we conducted just then is the best so far. 2018 is no exception.

– This year we have launched our own Culture Festival with a scene at Heden, we have introduced the para-handball in the tournament and our All Star Game have reached the next level, says Fredrik Andersson.

– It’s important that we dare to  change, that we never are satisfied and constantly evolve. 

Next year, 2019, means the 50th anniversary of the Partille Cup and it will of course be labeled in all imaginable ways.

–That we reach 50 will mean we will give everything to lift everything a little bit more. Bigger. better, best ever; that’s our ambition.

– We will reveal a series of exciting details about next year’s cup soon. 

At the sporting level, Sweden was the most successful country with triumphes in seven classes, with Denmark closely behind six and Croatia with four.

Here are the 2018 winners in Partille Cup’s all classes:

Girls 10: Kärra  HF 1, Sweden

Girls 11: Rødekro IF, Denmark

Girls 12: Da-shin Elementary School, Chinese Taipeh

Girls 13: AG Håndbold 1, Denmark

Girls 14: Skanderborg HB, Denmark

Girls 15: Boring KFUM, Denmark

Girls 16: Rødekro IF, Denmark

Girls 18: Randesund IL 2, Norway

Girls 21: IK Sävehof

Boys 10: Fortuna, Moldova

Boys 11: Slavonia HT, Croatia

Boys 12: RK Zagreb 1, Croatia

Boys 13: RK Maksimir Pastela, Croatia

Boys 14: HK Silwing Troja, Sweden

Boys 15: RK Zagreb, Croatia

Boys 16: Skanderborg HB, Denmark

Boys 18: Lugi HF 1, Sweden

Boys 21: IK Sävehof, Sweden

Para Handball: 

Walking: IK Sävehof, Sweden

Wheelchair: Göteborg Mix, Sweden

European Open Championship: Hungary

All results and all other info about Partille Cup on our website