Loui Sand, Andreas Nilsson, Carl Déman, Isabelle Gulldén, Jamina Roberts, Tobias Hysén, Ida Odén, Oliver Strige, Jim Gottfridsson, Ljubomir Vranjes, Linnea Torstensson med flera. 

The Super Game

Thursday at. 18:00, this week's most awesome game is played: The Super Game. A match with lots of famous players and celebrities which plays in mixed teams at Heden Arena 1. Free admission applies. Our project manager Emil Berggren (RIK, Sävehof, Bergischer, Aalborg, HSG Wetzlar) have worked hard to get the best mix of players as possible. How about the players mentioned above?

It started already in 2017 when a Brazilian team was searching for opponents for training matches. Emil embraced the search and put together a team called Partille All Star team. It became a sophisticated and profitable team that gave the brazilians a wonderful fight.

Now the game is developing further and Emil has received a nice response. Now it's not just players from the handball family but also a lot of celebrities. The team will also be mixed between women and men and several national team players will come and newly Swedish champions will play. Welcome to the Heden Arena Thursday at. 18:00 hours.


Heden Arena 1
Center of Heden


Thursday, July 5


Length: 2 x 20 min

The Super Game

Don't miss the high light.
Heden Arena, Thursday at. 18:00

The arena

The match is played at Heden Arena 1. It is the field with the most capacity for spectators. In total, the stadium takes about 7000 spectators, but when only one plane is available, a maximum of 3000 seats are estimated.


Partille Cup offers a free entrance. The seats are limited so be in time. When capacity is filled we will close the entrance for security reasons.


Our partner to this match is hummel who will stand for teamwear and other support. Large parts of Hummel's collection can be purchased at the Team Sportia tent at Heden.