All star game

Thursday at 18.00, this week’s most awesome game is played: The All Star Game. A match with lots of famous players and celebrities.

Some of the stars that will play this year: Magnus Wislander, Johanna Ahlm, Christian Berge, Claus Möller Jakobsen, Jamina Roberts, Mattias Andersson and Mikael Appelgren.

The All Star Game

Thursday at 18.00, this week’s most awesome game is played: The Super Game. A match with lots of famous players and celebrities which plays in mixed teams at Heden Arena 1. Free admission applies. Glenn Claesson from the Partille Cup organisation is responsible for the All Star game. He has been assisted by for example Emil Berggren and Andreas Stockenberg. They have helped him to get players to the All Star game.

They have four goalkeepers of high dignity; consisting of the highly-acclaimed trio Mattias Andersson, Mikael Appelgren and Filippa Idéhn and the new goalkeeper for Redbergslid in the swedish top division, Adam Krantz.

There are a lot of famous names among the outfield players. The swedish legends Jamina Roberts, Johanna Ahlm, Jonathan Stenbäcken, Torbjörn Carlsson, Kristian Meijer, Emme Adebo, Tobias Albrechtson, Patrik Fahlgren, Michael Apelgren, Erik Fritzon, Emil Berggren, Magnus Wislander and Jonas Larholm will all be playing. Together they have won countless of swedish championship medals and played hundreds of caps for the swedish national team.

They are complemented by Christian Berge, head coach for Norway’s national team which he also used to play for, the hungarian Adam Istvan and the danes Claus Möller Jakobsen, who has played 121 caps for Denmark and won the Champions League back in 2006, and Kent Ballegaard, who has played for Aarhus and now is coach for Vendsyssel. The players will be divided into two teams before kickoff and the playing time is 2 x 20 minutes. The coaches in the All Star match will be Loui Sand, Johan Petersson, Hanna Fogelström, Andreas Stockenberg, Rustan Lundbäck and Linda Fyrebo.

Welcome to the Heden Arena Thursday at. 18.00!


Heden Arena 1
Center of Heden


Thursday, July 4


Length: 2 x 20 min

All star game

Heden Arena, THURSDAY AT. 18:00

The Arena

The match is played at Heden Arena 1. It is the field with the most capacity for spectators. In total, the stadium takes about 7000 spectators, but when only one plane is available, a maximum of 3000 seats are estimated.


Partille Cup offers a free entrance. The seats are limited so be in time. When capacity is filled we will close the entrance for security reasons.



Our partner to this match is hummel who will stand for teamwear and other support. Large parts of Hummel’s collection can be purchased at the Team Sportia tent at Heden.