Sweden finish 12th in the EOC

Sweden have played their last match in the European Open. For the host nation, the tournament ended with a 24-25 loss against Russia in Friday’s placement match.

European Open started in the best possible way for the Swedish U16 national team. Italy were defeated by 22-16 and after the group phase, the team was one victory away from moving on to the main round. Instead, the team continued in the intermediate round and there the 25-9 win against Georgia stood out.

This finally took Sweden to the matches in Scandinavium, where they met Russia for places eleven and twelve in the tournament. The Russians started well and despite Sweden having a perfect start to the second half and turning the match around at one point, Russia could finally get the win. Sweden lost 24-25 and despite the result, this was an experience that the brand new group of players take a lot from.
“It has been fun and new experiences have been gained. However, we didn’t play as we’d hoped. But we’ve gotten better and better in each match”, said Jennifer Johansson after the match.

Her teammate Charité Mumbongo was Sweden’s best scorer in the match with a total of five goals.
“It was a bit difficult at the start of the match, but it was good that we never really stopped fighting. We never gave up”, she said.

When not representing the Swedish national team, they both play for Kärra HF, so it’s no wonder that it has been something extra for them to have played in some of the major arenas around the city during the week.
“It’s really cool to have been playing in Scandinavium. There has also been a good atmosphere in Lisebergshallen all week”, said the duo.

The first national team tournament is over and they both hope that there will be a lot more to come in the future.
“The dream is to come as far as possible in my career”, said Johansson.
“To play in the elite national team and to win the Champions League as well”, Mumbongo filled in.