Sweden won the first match vs Switzerland

Sweden – Switzerland in the football World Cup and also at Heden! Swedish side HK Silwing/Troja defeated Swiss team HSG Nordwest in the B13 class on Tuesday morning.

One of the first matches to be played in the B13 Class this Partille Cup was HK Silwing/Troja – HSG Nordwest. The Stockholm-based team early demonstrated skill in the offensive game with well-placed shots. Nordwest’s fighting spirit kept them in the match, but in the end it was still Silwing/Troja who won 16-10.

One of the players who shone in the offense for Silwing/Troja was Ludde Karlsson.
“It was fun to start the matches here in Partille with a win. It’s the first year I’m here and I hope we’ll reach A-playoffs”.

HSG Nordwest did not take the loss too hard and looked forward to the rest of the tournament and their stay in Gothenburg.
“We arrived on Monday and so far it’s been very good. We’ve been around and checked in the city with the team. They are here for the first time and we couldn’t be happier”, said the coach duo Björn Buob and Marco Mesmer.

On Tuesday afternoon, Switzerland and Sweden meet in the football World Cup and the Partille Cup participants believe in their respective countries.
”Some of our teams will see the match, those who don’t play at that time themselves. We are 30-40 people that will see it together”, said Björn and Marco whose Nordwest has a total of seven participating teams in the tournament.
“We hope Switzerland wins. We are thinking that it may be overtime or that we’ll win with 2-0.

Ludde was positive regarding Sweden’s chances.
“I’ll watch the game and hope Sweden wins and that we’ll go to the final. I think it’s going to be 3-0 to Sweden”.

On Tuesday afternoon we’ll see whether the result between Silwing/Troja and HSG Nordwest is an indication of how the World Cup meeting between Sweden and Switzerland will end or not.