Teams already at Heden

Some teams showed up at Heden a day ahead of the opening of the group stage in order to see the surroundings and make some final adjustments to their style of play. One of the teams which looked forward to an exciting week at Partille Cup was HSG Nordwest from Switzlerand.

It did not take many hours after the arrival in Gothenburg before the Swiss team headed to Heden. Their trip included transport with both train and boat so when arriving in Gothenburg it was of course fun to play some handball. In the tournament, HSG Nordwest will participate in B14 and they have high expectations.
“Our goal is to reach as far as possible in the A-play-off. If we are to reach the B-play-off we aim to win. Now when we’ve had our first training session here we discovered the difference to playing on artificial turf but it shouldn’t be an issue”, said the team’s Lucas Wenk.

Another player on the team is Alexander Bagger. Unlike the rest of the squad, he is not from Switzerland, so here they get an international touch with the Danish-born.
“My family and I moved to Switzerland four years ago. Then I didn’t play handball, but my brother did and he inspired me to start playing and now I play with this elite team. This is the second time I’m here”, he explains.
“It is very nice to be here in Gothenburg again and this time my family will also watch the games and have a look at the city”.

Also for Lucas, this is his second time at the Partille Cup.
“We were here in 2016 as well and I remember that Gothenburg is a nice city where there is a lot to do. I think we will go to the sea and visit Liseberg”.
Both on and off the field, HSG Nordwest is a team that supports each other.
“We are a team that holds together,” Lucas assures, and Alexander agrees.
“Yes, we really play as a team and no one is doing it as an individual. We have fun together and let everyone participate, it is about having fun when you are here in Partille Cup”.

Erik Malmqvist