Thank you!

Partille Cup is over for this time. The anniversary year of 2019 was the year when all previous records where broken. And despite a challenging weather with rain and wind, the tournament was again very successful.

– I want to thank all 24,000 participants from all over the world for helping us to make Partille Cup such a party as it is every year, says the General secretary Fredrik Andersson.
– In addition, I want to highlight our 1,500 officials for their fantastic contributions during the week.

Altogether, nearly 5,000 matches has been played on our 76 playing grouds at Heden, Valhalla, Kviberg, Härlanda Park, Prioritet Serneke Arena and Ruddalen during the week. In addition, the national team tournament European Open Championship, this year for boys born in 2002 or later, was settled in Valhallas indoor halls and in Scandinavium. In the Friday evening’s final in the EOC, unprecedented Faroe IOslands won against Sweden by 36-29 in a thrilling final.

Participants from 52 countries, 24,000 players in more than 1,400 teams during the week not only played handball but also got to know Gothenburg, visited Liseberg, had fun at the event area at Heden Center, fascinated by the city all sights and meeting places, traveled out into the archipelago , shop in Nordstan and around Avenyn.

In total, Partille Cup generates about SEK 250 million SEK in tourist revenue and is one of the most important events during the year for the event city of Gothenburg.

– I’m very happy with this year’s Partille Cup, says Fredrik Andersson, General secretary. We haven’t had the weather Gods with us every day, but in spite of that, the feeling is that everyone has managed to have the mood on top.

Yes, as if all handball players from all over the world have embraced the old Garbage hit “Only Happy When It Rains”, at least that was the feeling on Saturday’s downpour on Heden.

– Despite some rain and very strong winds, I think that the year tournament is the best we have done. But we will never settle down, we always want to develop, the whole idea is to get even better. We will never abandon that way of thinking.

2020 Partille Cup will be held between June 29 and July 4.

– I say every year that next year the tournament will be even better. 2019 is no exception. If 2019 we’ve had the 50th anniversary of Partille Cup, bit it was only a step on the way for a future that will strengthen Partille Cup’s position as an event, more magnetic for the audience and as a growing and important part of Gothenburg and the city’s obvious place in the center on the tourist map of Sweden.

– The fact that we have turned 50 in a way means that we have done something good for a long time, says Fredrik Andersson.

– But it says nothing about our future. There it is important that we change, never get satisfied and constantly try to evolve, We must never be satisfied, even though I am happy and proud of what we have done this year.

– We have brought with us lots of experiences and ideas from this year’s tournament, says Fredrik Andersson. Several of them are quite possible to realize already next year. It will be really fun and exciting to present all the news this autumn for all future participants.

– Thanks for 2019! Welcome to Partille Cup 2020!

On the sporting ground, Denmark was the most successful country with eleven class victories, with Sweden as a runner up with six victories.

Here are the 2019 winners in Partille Cup’s all classes:

Girls 10: Strandby-Elling IF, Denmark
Girls 11: BK Ydun, Denmark
Girls 12: Rødekro-Aabenraa Handball, Denmark
Girls 13: Rödovre HK, Denmark
Girls 14: AGF Håndbold 1, Denmark
Girls 15: Skanderborg HB 1, Denmark
Girls 16: Herning Ikast Håndbold, Denmark
Girls 18: IK Sävehof 2, Sweden
Girls 21: IK Sävehof, Sweden

Boys 10: Volgograd, Russia
Boys 11: Fortuna, Moldova
Boys 12: Slavonia HT, Croatia
Boys 13: Team Favrskov Håndbold, Denmark
Boys 14: Lödde Vikings HK 1, Sverige
Boys 15: Hörning Håndbold, Denmark
Boys 16: Skanderborg HB 1, Denmark
Boys 18: Skanderborg HB, Denmark
Boys 21: IK Sävehof, Sweden

ParaHandball: Walking: IK Sävehof 2, Sweden

Wheelchair: IK Sävehof, Sweden

European Open Championship: Faroe Islands