The Brazilian girls in Villa Portare are excited

Villa Portare from the multi-million city Sao Paulo in Brazil participates with a team in the G21 class. They danced into Heden today and spread joy around themselves.

Daniela Bernardi, who works as a journalist at a big magazine called Boa Forma, is enjoying the time in Sweden.
– We like Gothenburg. It’s the first time that I’m here but several players in the team have been here before. Handball is a popular sport back home, but everyone seems to play handball in Sweden, says the goalkeeper, who has studied in Madrid for six months
She likes that the games in Partille Cup are played outside.
– It doesn’t hurt as much to save balls outside, so it makes it easier for me as a goalkeeper, she says with a laugh.
Villa Portare has eight players.
– We should have been more, but the airline tickets were too expensive for some girls. One player in the team had never flown before, so she was terrified when we lifted. We are excited to be here, says Daniela Bernardi when I meet the team while shopping at Team Sportia.

She believes in her team, but says that the results in the tournament aren’t the primary thing during the week in Gothenburg.
– The most important thing is that we have fun. But I think we will reach the quarterfinals at least, she says.
The team will see Brazil’s World Cup game against Mexico at a bar in Gothenburg.
– I have a very good feeling and think that we will win! They will be sad afterwards, says Daniela Bernardi and point at some boys from Mexico.

They stay at Samskolan, where also teams from Iceland, Scotland, Belgium, Lithuania and the Faroe Islands are staying. All Iceland’s more than 200 participants live at Samskolan.
– It’s a great school. It works well and the atmosphere is always really good. Teams from other schools also eat here. The players from Iceland lives at Samskolan every year. It’s fun that it’s a whole building where only icelanders live, says the school host John Ekberg.