The first goal scorer in Partille Cup 2019!

The group stage of the Partille Cup started at 8.30 am on Tuesday morning and many players showed great skills. The first goal in Partille Cup 2019 was scored by the german giant Albert Kausch.

The first goal of this year’s tournament was scored in the B16 game between the german team TSG Münster and the dutch team Handbalschool Brabant at Heden 10. The germans immediately took the initiative and scored the first goal. Goalscorer: 196 centimeter tall Albert Kausch.
– It was awesome to score the first goal in the Partille Cup! I had some luck because we played one of the first games, says the 16-year-old humbly.

TSG Münster won without difficulties and got a good start in Partille Cup 2019.
– It’s a huge tournament. It’s the fourth time I’m here. We have always done pretty good, even though we haven’t been the best team. We are not the tallest team, but I hope that we can do well this year and at least reach the 1/8 finals, says Albert Kausch, who is by far the tallest player in the team.
He scored three goals in just a few minutes in the second half.
– Yes, I score some goals and I have a hard shot. I get the ball often as I play in the middle, says the german.

Partille Cup is always one of the highlights of the year for him.
– It is fun to meet so many handball people and we have such good atmosphere in the team. Gothenburg is a lovely city and I find my way around here now, says Albert Kausch.
Although he dominated the pitch he says that he only plays handball because it is fun.
– My dream in handball is to have as much fun as I can. I know that I not will be a professional handball player as I am not good enough, but I have a lot of fun when I play, he says.

Eric Nilsson