The Netherlands impress in the EOC

The European Open has reached the main round and on Wednesday it became clearer which teams that will fight for the gold medals. The Netherlands took a massive win in group A, meanwhile group B still is very open.

France and Hungary impressed greatly in the group stage with four wins in four matches. The Netherlands have also been mentioned as one of the favorites to win the European Open, which was something they showed on Wednesday. One of the day’s big games was the clash between the Netherlands and France, a tight match at high pace which ended with victory for the Dutch with 20-19. Ahead of the crucial matches on Thursday, they have the outcome in their own hands. France must first and foremost defeat Poland and at the same time hope Switzerland wins against the Netherlands.
“It was very tough and because France is also good, it became difficult, but we won”, says Pipy Wolfs from team Netherlands.
“This win was, of course, very important. We want to come home with a medal and this was a big step on the way!”

Pipy Wolfs is considered to be one of the most important players in the Netherlands defensive game in this tournament and one of the professional players that she looks up to is Yvette Broch.
“I would say that I am a very strong player, but I am also very fast. In the future, I hope I’m in the Olympics!”

In the other group we have an even more exciting Thursday to look forward to. Hungary and Romania have four points each and in the last game of the main round, the nations meet in a match that will determine which team will reach the final.

Sweden started the day with a 28-21 win against Lithuania and in the evening the Faroe Islands were defeated by 16-14. However, due to the results in the group stage, the Swedes aren’t able to fight for the medals in this tournament anymore.