The Partille Cup train from Stockholm has arrived  

At three o’clock during Monday afternoon, an MTR Express train arrived with around 200 Partille Cup participants from Stockholm.
– It was very good atmosphere, says the swedish handball star Emma Fernis, who was on the train and answered questions from curious players.

The participants received a nice reception from Partille Cup when the full train arrived at Gothenburg Central Station. A clown handed out ice cream to the youngsters and two musicians played trumpet.
– It was fun! It feels good to be here. It’s fun to play matches and to go to Liseberg, says 13-year-old Axel Sjölin, who plays for Skånela.

Skånela is a special club for Emma Fernis, who plays for the swedish champions Sävehof and has played in both the World Cup and the European Championship for the swedish national team, because it is her youth team. She was on the Partille Cup train from Stockholm together with Denny Bågenholm, event manager at Sävehof.
– I answered many questions from the participants. It was funny that they had so many questions for me, says Emma Fernis.

She says that there was a lot of joy on board and that the Partille Cup players made a quiz.
– Everyone was very happy. It was great fun, says the 22-year-old.
She has participated in the Partille Cup on countless occasions.
– I have won the tournament with Sävehof once and been in the final with Skånela three times. Partille Cup is the highlight of the year when you are in that age, she says.

Now, most of the approximately 24 000 players in the 1 407 teams are all set in Gothenburg. Tomorrow the handball party will start for real!

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Linnea Dahlberg