The referee survey

In time right before Christmas and a couple of weeks before we open up the referee application again in January 15, here comes the results from our referee questionnaire. The results that we are showing up in charts are those questions made for that purpose, the one with free text alternative is a bit more complicated to present.

In general we have a desire among many of you referees to continue to develop the digital areas such as the application process, match lists published in good time etc and that are all questions that we work hard to solve before this coming summer. The food is also an area that will be in focus this coming edition. The logistics and the development of our centers and schools restaurants will also be a key question.

We have learned a lot by breaking a new record in number of participants. Everything gets bigger and more demanding with such a large number of teams and therefore our referee elections will be of great importance as we are calculating with more teams this coming edition.

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The report