The Russian girls from Samara are on fire

The G15 team Samara Region has started the tournament brilliantly. They have scored 49 goals in their first two matches and are doing amazing in the group stage.
– We are set to win the Partille Cup, says Zlata Fedosova.

In the first match Samara Region defeated the Swedish side Älta IF with 20-8 and in the second match they beat Fana IL from Norway with 29-6. And they have no plans to slow down.
– We have been successful so far and won with many goals. I hope we can continue like this and win the tournament, says Zlata Fedosova.

The young Russian, who is tall for her age, has shined and scored a lot of goals.
– My dream is to play in top division in Russia or maybe in another country, she says.
The talent is in Sweden for the first time and she already feels that she wants to come back.
– Partille Cup is a very cool and exciting tournament! It’s so cool to meet teams from other countries and hear many different languages, which we don’t do at home. And I loved the opening ceremony yesterday! says Zlata Fedosova.

Sweden will play the World Cup quarterfinal against England in Samara on Saturday.
– It’s a nice city. I think all Swedes should take a walk along the Volga river. It’s beautiful, says Zlata Fedosova.