The schedule for the final day is done!

The dream for all players is to reach the final in the Partille Cup and then win it. The schedule for this year’s final day is now done. Check it out and make sure you don’t miss the final day, as player or spectator!

Winning the world’s largest handball tournament for youngsters is of course very big. The final day next Saturday, on July 8th, is the highlight of the week. All finals will be played outdoors at Heden Arena in front of stuffed stands and with a great atmosphere. The Heden Arena takes 7 000 spectators and everyone is welcome! It is free entrance for everyone with Partille Cup passes. Those who do not have a participant pass can buy final tickets in the central information. Adults pay 60 SEK and children between four and 14 years pay 40 SEK.

The A and B finals are played simultaneously on Heden Arena’s four plans. The first B-finals start at 08.30 and the first A-finals begin at 09.00. Girls and boys 10 are first out and the big 15 year classes finish the final day. The complete schedule with times and plans can easy be found on the website. You click on “The Week” and then on “The Finals”.

We encourage everyone to come in time as some finals tend to be full. Come and see dramatic finals with great handball and see dreams come true!