The Super Game: a star-studded success

Legends, current star players and also a young talent. The Super Game contained everything a handball enthusiast could wish for when the big match took place at Heden in the evening sun.

Heden Arena 1 was packed for the Super Game on Thursday evening. The initiative was taken by CYEB Budakalász pro Emil Berggren, and along with a series of famous handball players they presented some great handball while also having fun.
“It was great to play this kind of match, I love events such as this one. I share a lot of the values that are represented here and I love that everyone is welcome”, said Swedish national team star Loui Sand.

A Partille Cup participant who had an experience she probably hadn’t considered when traveling to Gothenburg was Ellen Karlsson from Norrköpings Kvinnliga Idrottsklubb. She won a place in one of the star-studded teams and took place next to players like Isabelle Gulldén.
“It was very cool and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life”, Karlsson said.
The 16-year-old impressed greatly and scored a couple of goals.
“Maybe I had the advantage of being a bit smaller. I found my way quite easily”, she said with a laugh.

Afterwards, Karlsson also received praise from Loui Sand.
“It was great to play against Ellen. She showed initiative and that’s exactly the way it should be, keep going in the same style!”

All players entertained the crowd. We saw Linnea Torstenson fire her characteristic shot from distance and Magnus Wislander scored from the halfway line. After a challenge, Ljubomir Vranjes made the “VAR sign”, which has become famous during the World Cup and speaking of football, IFK Göteborg’s striker Tobias Hysén took to the field from his role as coach and took a penalty.
“It was fun to run a little, but handball should be played seriously. Then it would be a bit better, haha”, said Wislander, who stayed after the game for a long time to sign autographs and take photos with parts of the enthusiastic spectators.

Partille Cup is the place where you can see the future’s elite players and in this case even the current and former stars. One of them who wouldn’t say no to join a team and participate in the tournament just like when she was younger, is Loui Sand.
“Partille Cup was the reason I started to play handball. It was so fun and I wish I could have played here now as well, but now I got this opportunity so it was fun to make at least one match”.