This year’s Gunnar Quist Memorial Fund receivers

The tournament started a fund called Gunnar Quist Memorial Fund after the death of Partille Cup’s founder in 2011. Every year receives one or a few persons money from the fund – in memory of the great Gunnar Quist. A quartet from India was selected this year!

Randhir Singh, Cyril Dsouza, Sandeep Joshi and Saikrishna Hatangadi are this year’s receivers of Gunnar Quist Memorial Fund. They received plaquettes and 1 000 Euros on stage during the successful leaders party in Scandinavium last night.

They received it with following justification:
”The aim of the found is to promote the development of youth international handball and training. And this year’s receiver of the award is not just one person. It´s actually awarded to four persons that have been coming to Partille Cup for almost twenty years. They have worked tirelessly to promote youth handball and have managed really well.”

Cyril Dsouza grabbed the microphone on stage and said:
“I came here for the first time many years ago thanks to Thomas Albrechtson and have been here many times since then. We are all very proud to be part of the big and warm Partille Cup family”. 

Fund receivers
2012: Erfan Bedair, Egypt
2013: Ib Poulsen, Denmark
2014: Barthold Budde, Germany
2015: Kazimir Ilijas, Croatia
2016: The Mascarenhas family and José Ricardo M Gianconi, Brazil
2017: Sigurdur Gunnarsson, Iceland
2018: Sandeep Joshi, Randhir Singh, Cyril Dsouza and Saikrishna Hatangadi, India

Photo: Fredrik Aremyr