Trainings taking place at Heden

The handball fields at Heden are filled with teams making their last preparations ahead of the group stage that starts on Tuesday. One of those teams was Neistin from the Faroe Islands.

One of the players in Neistin’s total of ten participating teams is Bogi Mikkelsen. This is his third time in Gothenburg playing in the Partille Cup and this year he will be in the B15 class.
“What I have brought with me from previous years is that I have made new friends from other teams and countries such as Sweden and Norway. To meet here in Partille Cup again is something you look forward to”.

In addition to meeting up with old friends and hopefully making new ones, Bogi hopes to succeed even better this year in the tournament.
“I hope to win even more this year than before. Last year we won five matches and this year we hope to make it at least six”.

Neistin is a team from the Faroe Islands capital, Torshavn, and something that the playmaker has noticed since arriving in Gothenburg is the nice weather, which hopefully will stay here all week.
“We arrived here on Sunday and live at Johannebergskolan. So far, everything has been very good, but I must say it is very warm. Where we come from it is always cold and rainy so it feels good to be here now”.