Update from the Swedish  Public Health Authority

This is an update from Partille Cup concerning the updated recommendations from the Swedish  Public Health Authority

The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) updated their general recommendations concerning the spread of covid-19 on Wednesday, April 1, and their advice is that sports events in Sweden should be postponed. The new recommendations are valid until December 31 2020, but can be moved forward or backward, depending on the state of the spread of covid-19.

Of course, we are following these developments closely. Health and safety are always the first priority for us as organisers of the event. And we still have time until we have to  make a decisions about whether or not the event will be cancelled. That’s why are waiting.

Our main reason for this is that participating teams still want us to wait because they still want to see a Partille Cup this summer. This has been made clear to us in our dialogues with them.

And our event is still almost three months away. The Public Health Agency of Sweden does not rule out that the spread of the infection can change in a way that restrictions no longer prevent large events.

Of course, we have a great understanding that teams, especially those with longer flights, might not see it as possible or realistic to wait longer. The situation looks different in different countries.

Thousands of young people are still looking forward to the event, and we want to do everything we can to organise the best tournament possible. Sports are very important to young people and in a situation like this, which can cause concern for many young people, the cohesion of a team is even more important.

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