We aim for a world record in live streaming

Partille Cup is aiming to livestream around 2500 matches from this year’s tournament. It would mean a new world record. So many matches have never been live streamed from a tournament before.

We will broadcast live from 40 playing fields in Gothenburg. If everything goes according to plan, approximately 2500 matches will be livestreamed via our play channel and our Partille Cup app. You also get the chance to see your team and lots of entertaining handball from teams from around the world after the games are played. This is perfect if you as a parent or relative can’t be in Gothenburg but still want to see the games.

– It is unique to stream 2500 matches live. We will be the biggest broadcaster in the world in this area. It also shows the big interest in following the tournament that is shown from families and supporters from all over the world, says Tore Lund, press officer for Partille Cup.

You will find out which games that will be broadcasted in the game schedule on our website or in the app, which is available for both Android and Iphone. The graphics will show which teams are playing, the nationality of the teams and also their shirt colors.

Each match costs 59 crones to buy, but if you buy the “All Access” pass, you get access to see all matches that are sent for only 199 crones. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now:

Eric Nilsson